About Me

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” - Ansel Adams


Mike Hewitt

I consider myself very fortunate to be born and raised in Canada. Just at the edge of Toronto, Ontario I have good balance between urban cityscape and escaping north into nature.  Photography has always been a profound passion of mine and is inspired from a sense of risk and adventure.  Constant curiosity is what drives my desire; whether it’s exploring backroads, portaging the vast wilderness or following zombies; I am always intrigued by the call of adventure and the sights around me.  Also, occasionally I get the opportunity to travel somewhere exotic, far away from home.  Nevertheless from many trips, I have discovered that photography is not always fun or glamorous. It can be very exhausting and dangerous.  There is the constant early mornings, relentless rain, late cold nights, gloomy grey sunsets and mud everywhere.  But through the mud and wet gear, sometimes a great photo will be captured, seizing the moment and telling my story.    

I consider myself a hobby photographer and tend to focus on landscape scenery and urban architecture however my subjects are not limited, and usually include a wide range of interests.  I feel photography to be part of my soul, and through my lens I am connected to the world.  It allows me to escape outside my comfort zone and capture the true hidden beauty in the world.  I present to you my collection of photographs; my accomplishments and sometimes misery.  All of the photos displayed have uniquely captured my attention and reflect my technique of photography.  This is my world through my camera lens, and I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks for visiting.


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High Quality 16x48 Canvas wrap of Toronto Skyline